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Grammar and Writing


·      Write on Track is the program used.

·      The focus is on punctuation, the mechanics of writing, usage, and spelling.

·      Students practice in sentence combining and in correcting common sentence problems.

·      They also identify and practice the eight parents of speech.

·      We will also practice editing and proofreading skills.



·      Students will practice daily writing with a morning journal later in the year.

·      Another way we incorporate writing is with our chapter books in a Literature Response Journal (LRJ).

·      We use the writing process (prewriting, drafting, revising, editing, and publishing).

·      Students will demonstrate proper paragraph structure.

·      There will be daily handwriting practice including print and cursive.

·      Other ways students will write include: creative stories, short stories, poems, letters, research papers, and more.

·      Research skills will also help in generating ideas for writing.

Four-Square method and six traits of writing are programs we use.