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What is happening in Language Arts?

We will begin reading The One Hundred DressesWe will incorporate reading strategies based on each child's needs with our novel.  We will also continue to focus on improving comprehension, accuracy, fluency, and vocabulary with this novel while incorporating our literature response journal to help with the above goals.  We will also focus on: the four types of sentences, nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs.  We discuss the parts of speech daily with our literature response journal.  However, we will add a grammar folder to focus on the parts of speech in a different context.  We will also begin learning how to brainstorm for writing and write our first descriptive writing.  Below is a summary of The One Hundred Dresses.

In “The Hundred Dresses,” Wanda Petronski, in the hope of fitting in with the other girls of her class, claims to have one hundred dresses at home, though she wears the same faded dress to school every day. Several of the girls begin to tease Wanda about her claim until Wanda turns in a hundred drawings of beautiful dresses. Maddie, one of the girls in the class, feels guilty because she never stood up for Wanda and that guilt is multiplied when she learns Wanda has moved away because of how she was treated.